Public Works Department


The Public Works Department consists of streets, construction and stormwater observation, waste water, water, and traffic and facilities divisions.

The Department provides maintenance and service for streets, storm sewers, water and sewer lines, and city property. Department staff also maintains drainage ways, city facilities, and signs. In all, this includes, but is not limited to:

• 95 miles of streets or 234 lane miles in total
• 81 miles of sanitary sewer lines
• 1775 sanitary manholes
• 277 grinder pump assemblies
• 6 sanitary lift stations
• 151 miles of water mains
• 1,677 hydrants
• 1328 hydrant valves
• 1320 water main valves
• 4 water pump stations
• Three storage tanks that hold an estimated four million gallons of water
• 75 miles of storm sewer
• 1,454 storm sewer manholes
• 2681 storm sewer inlets

Administrative services for the department are performed by the director and administrative assistant. Customer service calls and other inquiries are received by the administrative staff and the necessary action is taken to respond to the situation.

Streets Division
When traveling on a city street, taking a stroll on a sidewalk, or going to the library, you are benefiting from services provided by the Johnston Public Works Department. Streets Division staff is responsible for cleaning, repairing and maintaining city streets, storm sewers, and rights of way. Snow removal is handled by the Streets Division with assistance from all Public Works Divisions as well as Parks Department staff. The Streets Division consists of seven employees and a Superintendent.

Construction and Stormwater Observation
Johnston is a growing community and with the growth comes construction. The activities included in this division are plan review, construction observation of all city infrastructure, sidewalk and driveway construction and replacement, right of way management, and contract services management.

Water/Waste Water Division
The public works facility also houses the water/sewer maintenance division. When you turn on the water, this division assures that you receive safe drinking water. Likewise, when you use the washing machine or wash the dishes, this division is responsible for the handling of the waste water. The six employees and superintendent in the division maintain the entire necessary infrastructure related to water distribution and sanitary sewage collection. The Water/Waste Water Division also provides utility locating service for city-owned buried utilities and contract management for related improvements.

Traffic and Facilities
The traffic and facilities Division includes three staff. This division maintains traffic signals, traffic signing, street painting, and custodial/maintenance services for public buildings.


The public works facility also houses that water/sewer maintenance department as well as the kennel that houses stray animals that are found within the city.

The Johnston Public Works shop is located at 6400 NW Beaver Drive, on the city's east side.


In case of an emergency after regular office hours, call 515-278-0822 and follow the voice instructions. Regular office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Our department has several emergency voice mail boxes that will get prompt attention when there is an emergency. Please only leave messages on these mail boxes if it is a true emergency.

Billing Services

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